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Large Cage

"WOW......I've not seen anything like that in the Lower Mainland....EVER", is what most people have to say. What I say is "Would you take a row boat to Victoria?"...... "Would you take a Caribbean Cruise in a barge"?....Then why would you TRAIN in an elementary school gym??...Is not "value received" worth something?? Bottom line, IF you're serious about keeping kids playing whatever sport it is you've got them training for, keep them in an "environment" that fosters growth and enthusiasm......"WORD"!!!
L screen at the ballyard.JPG


Got a crazy "happening" captured on camera....Send it in to is!!
Keeping Home Neat.JPG

Small Cage

This "Mini-Me" version of the Large cage is perfect for not only Fastpitch enthusiast, but when rented with the Large cage at discounted prices, it's perfect for pitching, catching, short hop drills, etc, etc..... Keep them ALL busy, ALL the time and they'll come to "love the game"!!
Small Cage Stretch.JPG


Majority of the equipment is supplied by NETEX Sport Netting Systems with pieces provided by "The Dugout Club" in the way of pitching targets, wooden mounds and a few other pcs of specialty equipment......Can you REALLY tell us there's another facility with higher quality equipment?

RIverstone Grill

The perfect spot to "relax and grab a bite" after you've raced home from work to get your child to workouts!!....Or for coaches to review what they just saw over the last couple hours!!
Riverstone Grill 3.jpg

Weight and Cardio Area

Membership has it's privileges!!.... One of the benefits of utilizing "The Ballyard at Sport Central", is that Sport Central Management has made available the Weight and Cardio equipment for a minimal fee.....That's why many of the users now consider this their "One Stop Dryland Training Facility".
Weights 4.jpg
Ballyard Office Pic.jpeg
Ballyard Office Pic.jpeg
"The Ballyard at Sport Central" office is located inside the gym area itself.....Just look for it and most times, Dryland Manager - Steve "Tick" Tickner back there and checking in at the front desk area.
Ample FREE Parking.JPG
Ample FREE Parking.JPG
There's plenty of parking on either side of the 45,000 sq. ft facility. Street parking as well.
Ladies Area One Third View.JPG
Ladies Area One Third View.JPG
This is but a "small sampling" of the Exclusive Ladies Workout area.... Ask about the special membership opportunities for those parents waiting for their children.... Could be a better "Health Choice" than driving back or forth or sitting idle!!
Men's Locker Room.JPG
Men's Locker Room.JPG
Tons and tons of spots to secure your items if a concern....Ideal for parents that take advantage of the "Special Membership offer" for those inclined to do so.
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Things are definitely "Upside down" when parents would rather sit in the bleachers (actually against gym policies), than head into the Riverstone Grill (when open) or head out to all the nearby shopping!! Sport Central Management & Staff continue to look for ways to accommodate both the wishes of "Gym Members" as well as those using the Dryland Facility within it...If you have any suggestions - that fit within our concerns for all - we're listening!!...(One suggestion was to have "game boards, cards, backgammon, available.....Thoughts?)

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