Facilities and Gear

                                                                                      ND Blue Jays Front Toss

**PLEASE note that the Large Cage tunnels can presently be further broken up into two sections for optimum utilization at approx the 70’ Mark…….”Time is money. So don’t waste it by having players standing around!” Please see this attachment for examples**



Full Team, Small Group or that Driven Individual – We have multiple cages – Large and Small – L-Screens, hitting mats, T’s, portable mounds, pitching targets. You name it, we’ve either got it or we’ll get it. (Exception is personal items like helmets, bats and balls). Whether you’re an individual wanting to get on top of your game or a full team wanting to take advantage of the MULTI-STATION OPTIONS , we’re here to help “Make YOU Better”!!

Need Coaching Help? – Numerous Instructors are available to assist you on technique as well as the “right way to play the game“. Be it one on one or large groups we have qualified coaches that fit your need. Go to the About Us section to learn more about our coaching staff.

Need Some Extra Help Hitting the Curve, Slider, Change?Hack Attack machine, balls, and an attendant can be provided. Users are encouraged to bring their own helmets and bats. Cage selection will depend on number of participants…. A ZOOKA pitching machine is also now available upon prior booking!

Baseball 2Baseball 1img_7990




All the capabilities as laid out for “BASEBALL” are available for Fastpitch. New “FASTPITCH HACK ATTACK” machine is on site and ready to “Make YOU Better”!!…… Which, at the end of the day, is what you want, isn’t it?




Indoor Soccer has been our fastest growing sport! For $80/hour, grab 9 friends and play some 5v5! Nets and balls are supplied!


Soccer 1Farpost Goals Straight


Cricket has been a great addition to the BallYard at Sport Central. Many groups come from all over the Greater Vancouver Area to get their practice in! New lights installed to illuminate the a pitch even more than before!

Indoor Cricket Champs PakCan-CC:


Below is a link to some video of Indoor Cricket!



Strength and Conditioning can also be arranged through 5 Tool Baseball with coach Shawn Hetherington. Check it out at www.5tool.ca



PLEASE NOTE: TURF OR RUNNING SHOES ONLY TO BE — USED IN CAGED AREA (No long or metal cleats.) Also, a  Dry Land Waiver – Sport Central form needs to be filled out prior to field usage. Having done so prior to site arrival, will help you utilize your time there to the max.



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